Jens Korinth

About me

I am a software developer currently located in the city Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since I finished my media computer science studies in 2007 I've been working for a software and consulting company here in Frankfurt.

A few semesters ago I decided that I want to improve and deepen my understanding of computer science, so I started part-time study of computer science and mathematical logic at the Technical University of Darmstadt, which I still enjoy today.

Scientific interests

  • Formal Methods in general
  • Finite Transition Systems, Process Semantics
  • Compiler Construction, Optimizing Compilers, Language Design
  • Foundations of IT Security

Favorite Programming Languages

  • Haskell (mostly due to the sheer beauty of the language design)
  • Scala (best of many worlds)
  • Objective-C, C#

Personal Interests

  • Music of all kinds and sorts, especially guitar-centered music
  • Running
  • Playing guitar


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